Easy, data-driven preventative sanitization for Seattle workplaces

Bring peace of mind to your customers and employees with routine sanitizing service and contact surface testing for offices, businesses, and community facilities in the greater Seattle area.


Our precise, data-driven approach to commercial sanitization allows us to fit servicing plans to the specific needs of your facilities and adapt quickly to changes in facilities usage.


Simply make an appointment for us to visit during business off-hours. We'll guide you through choosing a servicing plan that supports your business.


Get online test results from regular contact surface testing of your facility. You don't have to take our word that sanitization is working—you can see the data yourself.

Protect your employees and customers.

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data dashboard reporting test results from on-site contact surface testing of facilities lobby, mail room, kitchen, and offices

Safe and Effective

We use only safe, EPA registered disinfectants that have proven to be effective.

Our specialized electrostatic sprayers thoroughly and efficiently disinfect surfaces by producing a fine fog that wraps around all sides of objects and clings from static electricity to apply lightly and evenly.

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spray disinfecting of office facilities

Common Questions

How frequently does an area need to be serviced?

The best way to determine how often your facilities should be sanitized is to schedule a preliminary assessment and review actual data from on-site test results. Appropriate facilities servicing schedules may vary from as often as every few days to as little as just once a month. During the initial assessment, we'll work with you to develop a cost-effective plan of action that's appropriate for your facilities.

How long does a servicing appointment last?

Servicing appointments typically take 30–60 minutes for each 2,000 square feet of facilities. After the appointment the facilities must be vacated for 45–60 minutes.

What disinfectants do you use?

We use only safe, EPA registered disinfectants. For high-frequency areas we use MonoFoil D cleaning disinfectant, and for long-term protection we use MonoFoil M surface protectant.

Why do you wear protective suits?

Disinfectants are most effectively applied not by spraying liquid but by creating a fog that lightly and evenly covers all sides of objects. Using fogging equipment for hours would drench regular clothing.

What else should I be doing?

Facilities sanitization is only part of the solution. Consult trusted resources such as the CDC's Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting to develop a complete plan of action for your organization.

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